We are the best  quality wholesale suppliers of coconuts located in  Coimbatore, India. we are wholesale exporters of coconut product  to usa , Australia, uk, Germany and various countries all over the world.  Coconuts are multi skilled food commodity and have been using in cooking and beauty products. Coconuts are highly rich in nutrients, fibers , vitamins and minerals. there are two types of coconut young and mature whereas  young coconut contain more water, soft-gel flesh and  mature coconut contain less water ,stiff flesh in it and these are typically Asian coconuts. we are the best  exporters of  coconut  products at affordable prices .we use the best quality packing materials to keep them fresh and  packing  will not be charged . We strongly believe in accurate and prompt delivery.

Varieties of coconuts we provide:

  • Kalpa Raksha
  • Chowghat Orange Dwarf (COD)
  • Kalpa Sree
  •   Kalpa Jyothi
  • Kalpa Surya
  • Kalpa Sreshta (MYD x TPT)
  • Chandra Sankara (COD x WCT)
  • Kera Sankara (WCT X COD)
  • Chandra Laksha (LCT X COD)
  • Kalpa Samrudhi (MYDxWCT)
  • K alpa Sankara (CGDxWCT)
  • Kalpa Dhenu
  • Kalpa Pratibha
  • Kalpa Mitra
  • Chandra Kalpa
  • Kera Chandra
  • Kalpa Tharu
  • Kalpa  Haritha

We have best experts squad for checking the quality of coconut at strict quality control parameters. We are the coconut exporters of rich aroma, appetizing taste and high nutrient content. Our coconut is good for healthy as coconut oil contains high content of saturated fats. We are the  top wholesale exporters of coconut, coconut oil, coconut powder, coconut shell powder, coconut coir in best quality at affordable price.

Coconut Oil


  • Organic
  • Non-organic
  • Refined
  • Unrefined
  • Virgin
  • Extra virgin
  • Centrifuge Extracted Coconut Oil.
  • Cold Pressed.
  • Expeller-pressed coconut oil.

Our coconut oil  is  prepared by collecting the white  flesh in the    coconut  made them dry and cold pressed at 90-100 degree Fahrenheit  .  Expeller-pressed    coconut oil. ORGANIC OIL where the coconut used for coconut oil is grown without any pesticides. REFINED OIL is more processed than UNREFINED OIL and the refined oil takes more of coconut nutrients and making the coconut oil for cooking foods under higher temperature.  We get Unrefined coconut oil from  fresh ,raw ,coconut unrefined oil there will be no heating process and no chemicals  added for the refining of the oil .VIRGIN coconut  oil  and extra virgin oil are same there is no difference between them. Centrifuge extracted Coconut Oil is a made  from  freshly  pressed  coconut  oil  , chilled and separated by centrifugal force .This oil is considered has the most expensive compared to other oil because it retains all of coconut  nutrients . COLD PRESSED OIL is made of dry coconuts flakes and has tiny particles of soluble constituents extricate   form coconut flesh. EXPELLER –PRESSED coconut oil is less  coconut taste than cold pressed and  Centrifuge  extracted Coconut oil and has higher smoke point so it can be used for cooking. We are the best whole  sale exporters of coconut oil.

Coconut Powder

Krishdivinity exports  is India’s wholesale best quality   exporters in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.  Krishdivinity exporters is known for the best enormous quantities of coconut products .We have the squad of quality testing where there are engaged in checking the quality of coconut powder through certain strategies. There are two types of coconut powder 100% pure fat coconut powder and non-pure fat coconut powder where pure coconut powder involves coconut powder with all the minerals and fats and non-pure involves coconut powder with minerals and nutrients except fats which is removed through some strategies .Our milk powder is various delicious foods we are the wholesale exporters and exporting all our products worldwide. We prepare bacteria free coconut powder and white color coconut  powder .

Coconut Shell Powder

                                               Krishdivinity wholesale exporters caters to the needs of   variety industries to various countries worldwide at affordable price. Our coconut shell powder is used as an coating  powder for surface finishing liquid products . Our  coconut shell powder is pure and it is used for Activated carbon industries. coconut shell powder is available in various packing options depending on your convenient  and requirement.


  • It is used as a filler for synthetic resin glues.
  • It is used in heavy duty hand cleaner pastes as a mild abrasive.

Coconut Coir

We are wholesale suppliers of coconut  coir to usa , Australia, Uk, Germany and various countries all  over world our manufacturing company is  located in Coimbatore ,Tamilnadu. The products are grown in Coimbatore where it  has the best coconuts .Our coconut coir obtained from 100% pure husk        and processed  then the obtained coir is 100% natural. Our coir can be washed, neutral PH, low in salts any very clean.

We are the suppliers of 100% natural and eco-friendly products. We have two types of coconut coir white and brown color coconut coir. we sent coconut coir to testing to ensure it has a good quality.