Leather Products

/Leather Products

We are the leading  wholesale exporters  of leather products  such as

  • Leather coats
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather bags
  • Leather purse
  • Leather belt
  • Leather chapels from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to Usa, Uk ,Russia, Australia and variousb countries.

We give importance for sourcing and processing of quality leather products for both Men and Women. We have a squad of quality assurance team where they process and check the quality of the products. We are the suppliers of leather products at affordable  price, quality and time delivery of our needs.



Leather jackets are made from tanned  hide of various animals. It is usually worn on the top of clothes and designed for many purpose , styles and colors.  Most Modern  jackets  are produced in India, Pakistan ,Canada where  India is the best wholesale exporters of leather products and we  are from India, Coimbatore and we are the  best and whole exporters of  leather coats. There  are two types of jackets one is made for fashionable purpose  and other for  protection (i.e.) motorcycle personal  protective equipment.


Leather gloves are used in  are used for many purposes due to chill climate, in some companies, for motorcycle racer etc…. The  most common type of gloves are

  • cowhide
  • pigskin
  • Deer skin.
  • Goat skin.

Wearing gloves  for riding bikes is the Classic  European style. Keep your hands dry ,cool and protected with welding  gloves. Rigger  gloves is  the highest quality leather  designed to handle all tasks with ease. We  do separate gloves for Men’s , ladies and kids.


We are the wholesale  exporters of  best quality  leather Purses

  • Ladies leather handbags.
  • Gents leather Wallets.
  • Ladies leather Wallets.
  • Leather laptop bags.
  • Men leather jackets.
  • Ladies leather jackets.

Women’s  handbag is the integral part of their dressing . we do have many colors and source  it depending upon your requirements and your customized designs and colors. For men’s we supply wallets, bags, jackets  at affordable cost at good quality  . we have jackets for Ladies, Men’s   and kids separately at attractive designs and quality. We exports rainbow colors wallets  at different styles. we  have wallets separately  for the use of cards alone (i.e.) debit cards, credit cards and for coins also. we have bags of different sizes , different colors and many styles you can use for travelling, schools , colleges,  laptop bags and used for many purposes.


We are the leading wholesale exporters in leather belts and the largest supplier of belts we offer wide mélange of products to our customers at the best wholesale rate. we  supply leather at many models which is suitable for your casuals and formals at variety of colors. We supply belts for men’s , ladies and kids.


Shoes is an item of footwear  to protect and comfort the human foot while wearing is doing various activities and shoes  are also used for fashion  and decorated shoes also available. Boot shoes are designed for specially for mountaineering  or skilling .leather sandals  and shoes also available for ladies and kids where we supply many color combinations according to our requirements


  • We use superior quality leather.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Unique designing ideas.
  • Customized design and ideas also.


  • Leather coats
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather bag
  • Leather purse
  • Leather belt
  • Leather chappals