The vast range of   garments products produced  in our exporting company  reach  all over India, Usa, UK, Russia, Germany and  to various countries. Price negotiation  is not need as you buyers itself our price is the best and our quality is the best .We believe that our success depends on your reviews and we assure that we don’t compramise   on our  quality how much you buy. We source it  from tirupur and Coimbatore where it is known as the MANCHESTER OF TEXTILES  and export it to various countries depending on their  needs and their size requirements.

  • We manufacture depending on your requirement colors and sizes and designs.
  • We have quality assurance team which checks the quality of the materials.
  • In our material we use good fabric and color resistant materials where the color won’t fade as how many times you can use it .
  • We do have many types of T-shirts collar T-shirts  , v –neck, u-neck.
  • We source it from direct manufactures and  we pack it with perfect folds .
  • We are wholesale suppliers of branded t-shirts   also at affordable price because we get the source from the direct company and manufacture it.
  • We sent samples  which the wholesale buyers can  confirms the fit and  once the client approves the sample it becomes the benchmark for the remaining work.
  • We ensure that product is manufactured according  to the standards.
  • We also provide 100% pure cotton fabrics which don’t shrink.


We are the best wholesale  suppliers of lungi  in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and we source it from erode where it is the biggest manufacture of lungi . Our lungi is the best  as it is 100% pure cotton and it is popular in regions which is hot because lungi  is 100% pure cotton and in humidity climate it is unpleasant for it.

  • We are the wholesale suppliers of lungi  at affordable price.
  • We manufacture lungi based on your designs and orders.



We are the wholesale  exporters of nighty from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to Usa , Uk ,Russia, Australia, Germany and to various  countries. Nighty is the loosening hanging item for nightwear, today almost worn by all woman’s during day time also. The varieties  of nighties are

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Nylon

Night gown may have sleeve or it may be sleeveless depending on their convenient and orders .They are  long nighty and short night depending upon the requirement we manufacture nighties  and  we supply it on your requirement on time at affordable prices