Turmeric is used as a  medicinal agent  worldwide . We are the wholesale exporters  of turmeric from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and exporting to Usa , Uk , Russia, Germany and to various countries. Turmeric is grown in  the southern peninsular region of India where Tamil Nadu  and Andhra Pradesh  are the major turmeric producing states . Turmeric  powder  is  used mostly in many dishes to enhance the color and taste of  dish. In India turmeric plant leaves is used to prepare some sweet dishes. Turmeric  paper  also called as the Curcumapapier which is used  in Chemical analysis as an  indicator for acidity and alkalify. We are the whole sale  exporters of 100% pure turmeric and turmeric powder to various countries all over the world.

  • Turmeric powder is prepared by powdering the best quality of turmeric.
  • Its is used in facial materials as an agent  ,In south India ladies use turmeric powder in  their face and in ancient days it is mixed with water  and pored outside the house as it acts the anti-bacterial agent.
  • Religious and spiritually functions are incomplete without the turmeric or turmeric powder in India as it important  for humble yellow spice.
  • Turmeric works as an effective antiseptic cream and can be applied  to pimples and acne.
  • when mixed with sandal wood paste ,turmeric can remove blemishes on the skin .
  • tsp turmeric when mixed with 30 ml warm milk cures cold and cough.
  • 1 teaspoon of raw turmeric juice mixed with honey cures anemia.
  • Turmeric paste mixed with lime and salt can ease the pain of sprained joints.