We are leading wholesale  exporters and suppliers of  100% fresh carrot   at affordable prices. we  provide moisture free, discoloration and carrots without breakage .we source it from many from cultivators  our squad of quality assurance team checks the carrot then we will source it and supply it. Carrots are rich in vitamin K and vitamin B6 and it is a tap root system vegetable and it has green hairs at the top and orange colored vegetable. It can be eaten raw, cooked or juiced depending on humans peoples from different countries have almost consumed it.

Uses of Carrot

  • Protects Eye Health
  • High source of anti- oxidants
  • Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Protect against Cancer
  • Maintaining of Oral health
  • Boost skin Health and Color
  • Helps in Wound healing
  • Protects Brain Health and cognitive function


We are leading wholesale exporters and suppliers  of potatoes in different sizes at affordable prices. We source  fresh potatoes from cultivators without the use of pesticides. Raw potato juice is taken for stomach disorders and water retention and we use raw potato on affected area for arthritis, infection boils , burns and sore eyes.

Uses Of Potato

  • Stomach disorders.
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Infections
  • Boils
  • Burns
  • Potatoes contain a chemical that decreases blood clotting.


We are the leading exporters and suppliers  of fresh tomatoes  in Coimbatore, India. We source it  directly from farmers and a squad checks the quality of the tomatoes and  we export it depends upon your requirement  it is pesticide free tomatoes . We  export it for reasonable price and we  pack as they won’t get damaged. Our tomatoes  are tangy taste and excellent red color.

Uses Of Tomato

  • Preventing bladder cancer .
  • Preventing blood cancer.
  • Preventing




We are the leading exporters and suppliers of   fresh Brinjal  in Coimbatore . we source it directly from farmers who cultivate by organic method  and exporting based on your requirements. we carefully pack it in suitable bags to retain the quality and freshness for longer period at affordable price. It contains numerous small soft seeds it slightly taste bitter. The cut surface of the flesh rapidly turns into  brown when it is cut open.

Uses Of Brinjal

  • Brinjal is a nutritious vegetable.
  • It can be used for insomnia.
  • It reduces swelling of legs.
  • Eating soft eggplant after baking it on fire and with raw sugar on stomach in the morning cures the enlarge spleen  due to malaria.